Make today count

Growing up, Dad had this piece of land which he wasn’t quite ready for in terms of development, so he decided to do some farming in it. He hired someone to take on the project but decided that we, his children, should be part of the process (Dad got us involved in almost any and every project you can think of… story for another day).

The portion of land was large enough to plant some green vegetables, yams, and corn. Though the excitement of corns, green vegetables and yams for the next season took us to the field, what mattered was the time, effort and hard work we put in. The clearing of the field, the digging of the soil: the prep work, as well as the actual planting.  The hired hand would sometimes, in an effort to get us working, remind us: “what you do TODAY in this field counts….”

Tomorrow is a produce of what you do today.

The word tomorrow often brings with it a sense of hope and promise. It raises a kind of expectation that things may be better.

Have you realised that today is the tomorrow you talked, hoped, and dreamed about yesterday?

However, while tomorrow is great and full of promise and hope, today is the day for preparation.

Ecclesiastes 9:11c “…but time and chance happen to them all…”

Not only does everyone have an equal measure of time (24hours in a day), but also opportunities and chances come to everyone. These two, TIME and CHANCE happen to EVERYBODY. 

It is not about how fast you can run or how strong or wise you are. It is not even about wealth and favour. It is however ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU DO WITH THE OPPORTUNITIES THAT COME YOUR WAY.

When time is put to good use, opportunities are either created or discovered.  An opportunity at the right time creates the extraordinary.

“He who cultivates his land will have plenty of bread”

Proverbs 28:19a AMP

Land cultivation might be a farming term, but the concept can be applied generally. You have to work what you’ve got. Sometimes you have to unearth the ground, put some manure in, and take out the weeds and stubborn roots in order to get the ground ready.

This—for some—may look like the re-programming of mindsets and changing habits; taking on a new study; or developing oneself in new ways. It may be catching the picture God is trying to paint in your heart or picking up a pen to start writing down what has been placed within. Perhaps yours is putting down a business plan. Whatever getting the ground ready looks like for you, your plentiful bread/abundance, your tomorrow is tied to your today’s preparation. Make TODAY count.

Kingdom Durogene





4 thoughts on “Make today count

  1. We need such reminders sometimes – what we put in today determines the tomorrow we get; today is that tomorrow we dreamed of yesterday…❤️❤️❤️

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