What are you looking at?

As children, we played a lot in the outdoors. Games of hide and seek, running in the rain and tag were among some of my favourite ones.

Of all the games we played, there was a particular nameless game (or if it had a name, I never knew it) which involved a child trying to catch a target whilst blindfolded. The aim of the game was to see how many obstacles the child could avoid before reaching his or her target with their eyes tied up with a cloth.

Often times, though the target was in full view before the blindfold was positioned, the child still deviated and went off in another direction in an attempt to reach the target. This, of course, they did but not without bumping into obstacles and even sometimes falling over.

This brings me to a seemingly ordinary yet vital point in our everyday walk: the EYE-FOOT coordination. Studies have shown that “vision controls the movement of the foot”; the human body even has its eyes and feet in the same direction! Basically, your feet will go where your eyes look. Put in other words, you will gravitate towards what you focus on. Sometimes lack of movement and/or progression in our lives can be attributed to a lack of focus.

It is imperative in our daily lives to have a vision!

You need to have something that you focus on other than the events around you.

According to Habakkuk chapter 2, the prophet Habakkuk positioned himself to hear God and in doing so he got a vision. There is a correlation between vision and hearing the word of God. God’s word brings light to your heart and that light shows you a picture beyond your present circumstance. It gives you hope for tomorrow and that hope propels you to move.

Your movement, therefore, is not based on the present but rather on what you see as a result of vision. Vision gives you internal strength irrespective of any external failings. As a result, some of your actions may at times not make any sense to those around you because they do not see what you see.

In order to get to your desired destination, you have to constantly look in the right direction. If you let everyday happenings like disappointments, hardships, job loss, family rifts etc blindfold you, you will stumble and fall in your attempt to move. Hence my question: what are you looking at?

12 thoughts on “What are you looking at?

  1. Inspirational piece. Eternal vision and focus is of utmost essence. All thoughts and actions must be directed towards achieving this VERY important vision which will steer us to be good thereby aligning with God’s thoughts towards us – GOOD. Ultimately let’s see eternity in all we do.


  2. Great blog Kay
    “ Without vision the people the people perish”
    The game you mentioned with blindfolds,for the children’s birthday parties that I attended,was called “ Pin the tail on the donkey “

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  3. I guess thats why they say ‘look to the Cross’. This represents all the things hoped for. Everything else outside of the cross is not good for you.

    The Cross or what Jesus did on the cross = forgiveness, healing, prosperity, love + All things good.

    So like your point in the story, we should just look to the cross? !

    Thanks for the blog

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