A time to hide

We are blessed with three amazing daughters—the oldest being an adult. I remember in her early teen years we talked a lot about purpose and who we are. An illustration I remember using a few times was one of a bus journey: “Not everyone on a bus has the same destination” I would say to her.

Everyone on a bus journey may all get to the last stop but have differing end goals. Some use the last stop as a connection point to other destinations while others may alight as the end stop for commuting (to and from work for example). Others yet may simply be going sightseeing. The passenger’s reason for travelling determines their attitude both during and after the bus ride. This bus ride could be likened to our walk as humans, as Christians. It may look like you are headed in the same direction as someone else yet your purpose and calling are completely different.

In an attempt to pursue purpose, some have jumped on every moving wagon. However, although a moving wagon suggests progression, the destination or course of journey may not necessarily be right for everyone. Purpose is the very essence of every being. Purpose gives meaning, drive and direction.  Without purpose, there is bound to be chaos and confusion. For every purpose however, there is a time according to Ecclesiastes 3:1B.

It becomes necessary to recognise where you are at, at every stage in your life and walk. Making haste can easily result in avoidable mistakes.

“So, Jesus’ brothers came to advise him, saying, “Why don’t you leave the countryside villages and go to Judea where the crowds are, so that your followers can see your miracles? No one can see what you’re doing here in the backwoods of Galilee. How do you expect to be successful and famous if you do all these things in secret? Now is your time — go to Jerusalem, come out of hiding, and show the world who you are!” 

John 7:3-4 TPT

Jesus’ mission was the reconciliation of mankind back to God through his death on the cross (the ultimate penalty for all sins). In order to fulfil this mission, he left us a blueprint by setting an example of how we too should live. His ministry was never void of miracles, signs, and wonders. Crowds followed him and people experienced the supernatural wherever he went, yet Jesus knew when to hide and when to come out. 

At the point of the passage in John (above), Jesus received pressure from those closest to him (his brothers) to move his ministry to the spotlight. This was not particularly because they believed in him but rather because they were working in the flesh. Jesus simply acknowledged that his time had not yet come and proceeded to not heed their ‘advice’.

For every dream, vision, or prophecy you receive, there is a period of waiting. This waiting is not sitting and folding your hands, but instead a time for preparation. Even in obscurity, prepare and work like you are in the limelight. Obscurity is not always a bad thing. Growth often happens in obscurity.

Never let external pressures move you from your place prematurely, irrespective of who or where that pressure is coming from. Do not be in a hurry to force a door open. When the time comes, the door will open of its own accord. 

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