Guard your heart

London is known among other things for its various attractions. One of the most sought after , for tourists and residents alike being the changing of guard ceremony in Buckingham Palace . People come out in mass and sometimes stay for hours just to catch a glimpse of it all.
Beneath the pump and ceremony though is the fact that these men , known as the Queens guard are performing a task.  Probably one of the most important tasks of their lives and career, which is , the protection of the Queen and the Palace.  If someone with an ill intention attempted  to trespass  or attack, they would have to face the  consequence.  These are guards, trained to protect the queen and the Palace.
This creates a picture of what is been said in proverbs 4: 23 NTL

“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

The word GUARD used in this passage is from a Hebrew  word which means to PROTECT, TO MAINTAIN.
  The second word to be considered closely in this text is HEART which is from another Hebrew word which refers to the INTELLECT, WILL and FEELINGS , in other words, your MIND.
We need to establish that anything worth guarding would be considered valuable. You do not guard something that is worthless. So, when the bible says to “guard your heart”, you know  your heart is important.
Your heart has great value  because it DETERMINES THE COURSE OF YOUR LIFE .Proverbs 4: 23b NLT .
Basically, the state of your heart /mind  changes everything. The state of your heart has the potential to help you live in victory or defeat.
So, how does one guard their heart?

The answer is in Proverbs 4: 20 – 22 NLT

“My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen carefully to my words.
Don’t lose sight of them. Let them penetrate deep into your heart,
for they bring life to those who find them, and healing to their whole body.,”

Pay so much attention to God’s word that it fills your heart .God’s word brings life to those who find them . Whatever area of God’s word you find and treasure, that area prospers , that area receives life.  That is why you may find some Christians doing great in some areas yet struggling in another area.  Let the light (truth ) of God’s word shine in the area of your struggle and watch it grow.
If your heart is not guarded by the word of God, it means it is open to every and anything. It becomes an unprotected land. Imagine what happens to an unproducted treasure land, it attracts thieves .
Like the Queens guard, protect your heart with the word of God. Stop letting any and everything that flies by, have access to your mind. When your emotion is trying to go all over the place,bring it back to the word,  speak God’s word to it. Be careful what you constantly see and hear. These things go straight to your heart. Your mind is like a resource centre , it can only give out what it receives .Your heart is a treasure, you have a duty to guard it.
What you pay attention to , you magnify. What is growing around you recently? Worry, anxiety, fear, lack, brokenness, sickness… whatever is growing, reveals what you are paying attention to. Let God’s word grow and gain strength in your intellect and mind today and see the  results  astonish you.

Many blessings

8 thoughts on “Guard your heart

  1. True sis. Our heart is like the door to a house. We ought to guard it with all diligence especially in these times. The LORD bless you sis.


  2. From the heart comes all issues of life. The heart is the factory of our thoughts. Of course there is need to guide it before we are saddled with little sins, here and there. Thanks sis. Kay.


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