Courage over fear

In my last blog, I talked about being bold, forgetting the past and stepping out. One great opposition to boldness is fear. For fear of failure, fear of doing things differently, many have sat on the fence of life remaining stagnant—just satisfied with whatever life brings. You need courage to confront whatever fear you may have.

I am yet to meet or hear about someone who achieved much in life without failing at least once. Failing is not to be feared but instead should be considered as part of the growth process. We could learn a lesson or two from babies and toddlers in this regard. They make attempts, fall down, look up and try again. Occasionally, they cry hard due to the hard fall, but that doesn’t stop them. They keep going. This is what it should be like. This is the approach we need to take towards falling and failing. It doesn’t mark the end; your life is not over because you failed.

When a dream or an idea is conceived, it does not automatically come to fruition. It requires planning, implementation, and everything in between. To get to the point of that dream/idea being fulfilled, we will likely experience some undesirable outcomes. Put differently, we will experience failure. However, does that mean that we give up?  Absolutely not! We just find another way.

If a single book were to be written on all the people who failed many times before succeeding, we would have VOLUMES of that book. When you let fear dominate you, you tend to doubt everything including your abilities and talents. You may even doubt what you were previously sure was the right direction. In this state of mind, you can doubt yourself out of the possibility of achieving your vision.

This fear however is just a lie of the devil trying to infiltrate your mind and thinking process. Giftings, dreams and visions are gifts from God to you. He knew you before you were born, and He called you.

Jeremiah 1: 5 AMP

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you [and approved of you as My chosen instrument], And before you were born I consecrated you [to Myself as My own].”

Since the beginning of time, the devil has always played mind games. He did it with Eve in the garden (Genesis 3:1), he tried unsuccessfully with Jesus on the mountain (Matthew 4: 3-11) and he is still doing it today (2 Corinthians 10:3- 5). He tries to make you think you are not good enough. So your response should be to believe that you ARE good, not just good enough. You need courage to remind yourself that you are not an Imposter. You are an original design.

You have dreams, visions, giftings that are God-given, and your surroundings and the world at large are waiting to be blessed by you putting them to use. Now you could choose to listen to the lies of the devil and remain in fear (never stepping out in courage and never attempting anything), or you could get up in spite of the fear and remind yourself that nothing ventured, nothing gained

Forge ahead with your visions, plans and dreams and see where they land you. Learn to close the doors that keep you in the bondage of fear. When one wrong door is open, it leads to so many other wrong doors and turns. Fill yourself with visions of where you are going. Look to the things that put a spring in your step. Develop yourself in the direction you desire to go, and you know what? GET UP AND GO!

Many Blessings

4 thoughts on “Courage over fear

  1. Hmm. You just talked today me. Fear oh! I’m working on something but now and then, this fear of failing comes. Thanks for Kay. More grace, wisdom and inspiration.

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