A Present Help

I remember a scene I witnessed some years ago. A gentleman was parked on a street in Central London, one of those locations where your car could be towed before you blink if it didn’t have a parking permit . There was a machine to obtain a permit but this gentleman didn’t have coins to put in the ticket machine. He had more than enough money but in notes, he needed coins . There were no shops around to get some change, the machine didn’t have an option to pay by card( this was a while ago ) and the man was left with the option of asking some passers-by for coins. He asked two ladies walking along and one of them happened to have some coins. This man was so relieved that he offered the lady the money he had but she declined.
That man at that time may not have wanted help ( he looked obviously embarrassed to ask random strangers for money ) but he needed help and the help came in the form of the young ladies who had what he needed.
Though very poor in comparison, this analogy is an attempt to state that sometimes, we may be in a self sufficient zone and think we have got it all figured out not realising that our walk as humans on this planet to fulfil purpose is impossible without the help of God, I mean, minute by minute, all the way help. Jesus, addressing his disciples said to them

“But the Helper (Comforter, Advocate, Intercessor-Counselor, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will help you remember everything that I have told you.”
John 14 : 26 AMP

He (Jesus) had spent time with his disciples, being with them, teaching and discipling them and was now nearing his crucifixion, in this particular chapter of John, Jesus deals with a lot of their concerns and gives them one of the most profound assurances which is given not just to his twelve disciples but to every follower of him today. The assurance of the Holy spirit.
The Greek word for Holy Spirit is the word “Parakletos” and it is a word which encompasses other words in its meaning. The Amplified translation of the bible has captured these various words into one phrase.
The Holy spirit is THE HELPER. As a helper, the Holy Spirit is who we need him to be at any given point in our life and walk. He comes in the form of a COMFORTER and according to the definition of the root word comfort in Greek ( Parakaleo) , this means to call to one’s side, speak to, in the way of exhortation, console. Some people never give thought to how close the Holy spirit is to the believer. Imagine someone who is called to your side, in other words, with you always and all the way, ready to offer solutions, ready to speak to you by way of encouragement, ready to console you if things go wrong. If you have lost anything at all, be it a relationship, a person, a position that means something to you, anything… The Holy spirit is here and now ready to give comfort if you let him. He helps us by being our ADVOCATE . “The definition of an advocate is someone who fights for something or someone, especially someone who fights for the rights of others.”. An advocate is a voice. There are daily battles we have no business engaging in if we surrender to the leadership of the Holy spirit , these battles are either unnecessary because they result from the flesh or are distractions which the Holy spirit can help us walk away from . The Holy spirit helps us enforce our rights and privileges as children of God and as joint heirs of God’s promises.
INTERCESSOR-COUNSELOR . This is a combination of two words. Intercessor stands in the gap and a counsellor provides counsel. Who best to give you advice and stand in your defence than one who knows the mind of God. God is GOOD. That is His very nature and he is not about to change that because of you. Since God is good, His mind/thoughts and plans for you can only be good but so many times being crowded by so many distractions, we are unable to identify these plans, that’s why we NEED the Holy spirit to counsel and guide us. STRENGTHENER . Even the strongest of people grow weak and weary but the strength of the Holy spirit is constant. That word there translated other way is ENERGISER. The energy we need to walk and live a successful Christian lives come through the Holy Spirit strengthening us and He is our STANDBY. You don’t have to carry an extra weight ever again for the rest of your life if you allow the Holy Spirit take the reins of your life. Let Him help you.

5 thoughts on “A Present Help

  1. God is our all in one father. He is ever ready, reliable, dependent ever present help at all times and in all situations. Sometimes I wonder what one would have been without Him. Helper, advocate, intercessor, comforter, guide, deliverer, teacher, doctor, nurse, saviour and so many others. What a mighty God we serve. PS 23 emphasises this. Thanks Kay, this piece is enlightening.

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