Why do you seek Him

Contrary to popular belief, many are seeking God today. The general opinion is that people have moved away from God; and though this is a fact, some in their moving away still find themselves in search of God ( though it may not appear that way ) . There is a void in everyone who does not have a genuine relationship with God and in an attempt to fill that void, some have gone into some unimaginable things.
Now , there are those who recognise their need for God but that need consists of what God can do for them, i.e. , their need for food, clothing, shelter, healing for their bodies, fixing their cars, keeping their children healthy and so on. They make so much effort in seeking God, not for who He is but for what He can offer. The danger to that is, you never really get to know Him and if you don’t know Him; His character and His person, you will fall right back as soon as those provisions are gone. You will live in , ‘I need to see miracles to believe land ‘. You end up jumping from one place of miracle to another and because your focus is on the miracle and not the giver of the miracle, you become susceptible to anything ( including lies and religion).
In the book of John chapter 6, and verses 24 and 25, We see the eagerness of the people as they sought for Jesus. They were very persistent in their pursuit of Jesus. They were quick to notice that Jesus wasn’t with them anymore ( after feeding about 5, 000 of them with just 5 loaves and 2 fishes ) and they quickly made efforts to go look for him.

This type of scenario is still happening today. People making a lot of effort in seeking and following Jesus but Jesus said something in verse 26 ( John 6:26 )

“Jesus answered, I am telling you the truth: You are looking for me because you ate the bread and had all you wanted, not because you understood my miracles. “
Even though these people made a lot of sacrifice seeking Jesus, they were for the wrong reasons; for what they can get, for benefits, for handouts. They were looking for their needs to be met. The very next day, these same people who had experienced such miracle of multiplication, were asking for another sign in order to believe. They were food and belly conscious. They had the bread of life with them yet they sought for physical bread. Following Jesus or seeking Him should be much more than what He can give you. Seeking Jesus, should be about knowing Him and His Kingdom. It should not be about what I can get but about what I am a part of now . It should be about being a part of something much bigger than yourself and your immediate need.
That’s why Matthew 6: 33 says

“Instead, be concerned above everything else with the kingdom of God and with what he requires of you and he will provide you with all these other things” .
Make a conscious decision to seek to know the character and person of God.

Seek to know about His plan for humanity and how you fit into that plan. Remember, if you are in God’s family, then you are part of that big plan. Seek to find your place in that plan and start occupying your place.

6 thoughts on “Why do you seek Him

  1. God is a spirit. Those who want to serve and worship him must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Sometimes our needs are distractions. May the Holy Spirit help us to do this even as God steers us on the path of meeting our needs. Thanks Kay.


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