And the Manna ceased

In my last blog, I established that God’s Provision is for all. How liberating the truth is, knowing that God does not play favourites, He is not a respecter of persons according to Romans 2 : 11 , Acts 10: 34 .

During their journey through the wilderness, the Israelites experienced God’s provision of manna, quail, and water from the rock . These were all supernatural provisions, and they continued until the Israelites got to the land of their inheritance.
As soon as they crossed the Jordan unto Gilgal, realise what happened, they began to eat from the produce of the land and from that moment, the manna stopped according to Joshua 5: 11-12 .

The manna was a temporary provision to meet a temporary need while they journeyed. God’s desire, which He made known from the beginning, was to bring His children to a land of great harvest and abundance.

God is not a lazy God, and He most certainly does not raise lazy children. In as much as toiling and struggle is not from Him but a result of the fall Genesis 3: 17- 19 , the concept of work itself is established by God.

Right from the beginning, before the fall of man, God established work. He made the beautiful garden of Eden and placed man in it to tend ( work it ) and keep it Genesis 2:15 .

How many of us are still living in the manna mind set, waiting on God to nudge someone to come and bless you, expecting a drop of Provisions on your door step; these are all acts of God which He still performs and there are times when we need certain miracles that can only occur in these ways, this is not to take away the supernatural Provision of God at all rather to help us see that part of God’s supernatural provision is abundance of harvest in the crops of the fields He provides for us.

Fields signify work, and God has given each and every one of us fields through talents and gifting, and His desire is that we cultivate these fields so they can yield for us. Your field may be with or without an employer. It could be something that you need to work on and develop until it starts producing for you . For the woman in the below verse , she had to develop herself in wool and flax to the point where it yielded so much to her that she bought a field from the proceeds and then started another business of vineyard planting.

“She finds wool and flax and busily spins it. She goes to inspect a field and buys it; with her earnings, she plants a vineyard.”
Proverbs 31:13, 16 NLT

God desires for his children to plant fields and reap harvests and then eat of the harvest. That has always been the plan. When you are able to cultivate your gifting and make it produce, you become a blessing to many more people. From your produce, you are able to bless and feed others. You become empowered to sow into the kingdom and help the gospel spread through your generosity, which flows from the abundance of God’s goodness .

The concept of work, as I mentioned earlier, shouldn’t come from a survival point. As a believer, you do not work to survive, or that shouldn’t be the case. Work should be seen as an expression of praise to God for the ability to take responsibility on earth as a contributor . You contribute to wealth creation, resource generation, meeting demands, and needs. You are a contributor, and your contribution not only blesses others but also yields returns to you.
Let us do away with the lazy mindset, which does not recognise diligence in work but rather seats waiting for manna

“A passive person won’t even complete a project, but a passionate person makes good use of his time, wealth, and energy.”
Proverbs 12:27 TPT

In Jesus’ model prayer in Matthew 6:11, He shows us that provision comes from God and in 2 Corinthians 9: 10, we are reminded that the same God who gives bread, also gives seed to sow, in other words, the strength you have to work and the blessings of your work are all a gift of God, for outside of Him, we are nothing.

4 thoughts on “And the Manna ceased

  1. I enjoyed reading this so much. Thank you, Kingdom. It reminded me of Ephesians 4:28. The thief who was now saved was encouraged to make an honest living, NOT so he can survive, but so he can be a blessing to others. We are truly empowered to be fruitful in our fields to be a blessing,


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