Live outside the box

This phrase may mean different things to different people and though some may immediately dismiss the idea of living in a box, there are others who know beyond a shadow of doubt that they are living lives mapped out for them by circumstances or people as the case may be. I once heard someone say that the journey is as important as the destination, and this is so true as your daily life counts as much as your final destination. Every one of us has been given a life by God, and this life, according to John 10:10, is for a purpose

“My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.”
John 10:10b NLT

How do you live a rich and satisfying life ? By living the life God has mapped out for you to live. By finding out what God’s purpose is for you and living according to that purpose. That is a rich life, that is a satisfying life. To help us live this life, God has deposited gifts and talents in everybody, and He has different callings, which, when responded to and put to use, brings glory to God through enriching others .

“It is the one and only Spirit who distributes all these gifts. He alone decides which gift each person should have.”
1 Corinthians 12: 11 NLT

When it comes to gifts and callings, no man determines that it comes from God; the one who formed us in the first place. So many people have allowed themselves to be confused with human expectations which end up putting people in boxes and compartments and though everything ought to be done in order and decency, there is a reason why a certain calling or gifting is in your life.

Every gift is for a purpose and is meant to be opened up and put to use. When you do not walk in the gifting which God has called you to, you are like someone who received a very beautiful package but never bothered to open it( that would be considered a waste, wouldn’t it)

In today’s blog, I want to look at the life of someone who used her gifts and operated in her calling and how much of a blessing she was to an entire nation. A woman who lived and operated outside the box, a woman called Deborah. In her day, she did not live an ordinary life. She lived a rich and satisfying life. If there is an account of a woman before Deborah who was used in the capacity which she was, then I apologise for missing it, as to the best of my knowledge, there was none.

The first thing to note is that Deborah was a wife; she was married to Lappidoth ( Judges 4: 4- 24 ).
Society and culture have associated the word wife to mean home bound, I would at this point like to celebrate every homemaker who is home and every homemaker who is out looking for wool and flax to spin for her family ( Proverbs 31: 13 – 16 ) , whatever category you belong, you are building your home. A wife is called a suitable help for her husband and you and I know that suits are tailor-made, designed to fit the individual. You cannot take a suit that belongs to Jack and expect peter to wear it, it would not fit, that is to say that what is suitable for one marriage/home may not be suitable for another.

Deborah was a prophet; this was very rare during and after her time to find a female prophet, yet here she was, called by God to be a prophet. She gave the word of the Lord to Barak concerning a battle against Jabin and his army; a canannite land . And God’s word through her mouth came to pass.

She was a judge; Judges at the time had both military and judicial functions , She not only matched with Barak and his army to war but would often come to seat in the place of a judge, settling issues and disputes and she was a singer.

After the defeat of Jabin and his kingdom, Deborah led Israel in singing to the Lord, and Chapter 5: 7 described her as a mother in Israel.

Talk about living outside the box! This is a challenge today to everyone reading this. Are you living God’s life for you? Are you on the pathway to experiencing God’s fullness for you? Have you discovered God’s call for YOU ? Are you exploring the gifts on your inside and putting them to use ? Gifts are always blessings, never curses. Your gift is a blessing. Are you developing them, or are you living your life through the expectations of other people? You were not meant to live in a box, so it is time to come out.

Please send your comments and / or
prayer requests. I would love to hear from you.

Much blessings
Kingdom Durogene

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