Challenge your thinking

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he,”
Proverbs 23 : 7a Nkjv

Some of the words used to describe the word  “think” in Hebrew in this particular passage of proverbs are words like : gateway, porter, to estimate.  
It is very easy not to pay attention to one’s thoughts,  after all,  they are hidden  and not in anyone’s way, you might say but this passage of scripture and a few others we might consider, say different. Your thought is very  pivotal to the success or failure in your life.

According to the description above,  your thought  is the gateway to your life. The porter between success and failure is in your thinking. You can estimate the direction one is headed by looking at the way they think.

I recently embarked on a 40-day challenge of thinking right, and from the first day, I could immediately see how redefined our lives can be if we  paid  more attention to what we think about. Some people are of the opinion that thoughts just happen and we are not in control a lot of times of what we think about, I beg to differ.  In as much as some stray thoughts do come to mind, like the thought of  a bird releasing some waste on your head while standing at the bus stop, or something more random, we all have the ability to check and stop any unwanted thoughts and channel our minds back to where we need them to be.

The seed of one tiny thought sown in your heart can produce a mighty fruit of disharmony, anger,joy,rage, depression or love, every thought has a source and identifying the source helps deal with the thought.

On the first day of my 40  day thinking right challenge, I had an incident,  I was expecting a delivery and when the time slot given for the delivery came and passed, I decided to track the delivery and it was recorded on their website that the addressee ( i.e. , me ) refused the item. My first thought was that maybe an incorrect address was given, and the courier had gone to the wrong address, so I called to verify the address, and it was correct.  The question was now, how did  I refuse an item that I had waited for all day ?”” When I challenged this, I was informed they could trace the driver’s co ordinates so they believed the driver over me, I was very upset and rightly so, but in my upset,  I remembered my thinking right challenge so  I asked myself,  “how do I change the thoughts I was having towards the  delivery driver “( they were not very good thoughts to say the least) and still ensure the right process was achieved.

Almost immediately after I stopped myself from falling deeper into the  negative emotion, which would have ended up getting me all ‘worked up’ anyways, a verse of scripture came to my heart:

“Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”
Philippians 4: 6 NLT 

It was like pouring  cold water on a steaming rock, taking off all the heat . I found grace in my heart to pray about the situation and for the courier, and after that , wisdom came in the form of a 
thought which I applied and my parcel was redelivered.

Thoughts have their  root in information, we get  information through  experiences, environment, upbringing,  words, the bible , preaching/teaching,  the list goes on, everything around us contributes to shaping our thought process depending on what we allow.

I encourage you not to allow negative emotions to control you, even when it seems like you have a right to them. Like it says in Philippians 4:6, there is nothing too small to bring before God in prayers. He is very mindful of us and cares about everything that affects us, and likewise, there is no problem or situation too big that He can not fix. Worry comes from the thought of fear and inadequacies, and if you allow these  thoughts to take root in your heart, you will be fighting more demons than you imagined 


Much Blessings 
Kingdom Durogene 

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