Self deception – A huge roadblock to your journey

Growing up, my dad always said that deceiving people was bad, but the biggest deception of all he said was deceiving your own self. You see, the ones who deceive others are most likely aware of their actions, which suggests that there could be a day they may realise the hurt caused to others and perhaps stop and repent.

For the one in self deceit, however, they are blind to themselves and their actions, making them blind towards others as well, which leaves the question, ‘if you don’t realise you have taken a wrong turn, how then can you make it right? ‘….[read more].

 I responded with the relevant information. The midwife gave a quick glance from the corner of her eye, I could tell she was somewhat surprised. Her next comment confirmed it… “You look really well for 36” she said to me. “Thank you” I replied with a smile and the next few minutes became more relaxed and friendly in what happened to be my first midwife’s appointment at the hospital.BlogTime to hide

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