And the manna ceased

In my last blog, I established that God’s Provision is for all. How liberating the truth is, knowing that God does not play favourites, He is not a respecter of persons according to Romans 2 : 11 , Acts 10: 34 .

During their journey through the wilderness, the Israelites experienced God’s provision of manna, quail, and water from the rock . These were all supernatural provisions, and they continued until the Israelites got to the land of their inheritance.
As soon as they crossed the Jordan unto Gilgal, realise what happened, they began to eat from the produce of the land and from that moment, the manna stopped…[Read More]


 I responded with the relevant information. The midwife gave a quick glance from the corner of her eye, I could tell she was somewhat surprised. Her next comment confirmed it… “You look really well for 36” she said to me. “Thank you” I replied with a smile and the next few minutes became more relaxed and friendly in what happened to be my first midwife’s appointment at the hospital.BlogTime to hide

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