If I had to write down the lessons learnt from my father, you would be reading a book not a blog. It is surprising, yet humbling, how as an adult you reflect and realise that some things which seemed like old people babbling are the very things you draw wisdom from and learn from the most (but that may just be unique to me).

“Pay close attention, my child, to your father’s wise words and never forget your mother’s instructions. For their insight will bring you success, adorning you with grace-filled thoughts and giving you reins to guide your decisions.” 

Proverbs 1: 8-9 TPT

Most lessons learnt from my father were not necessarily what he said but rather things he did and the manner in which he did them (actions, they say, speak louder than words)

ANYONE CAN DREAM. Without divulging too much about an upcoming project of mine (watch this space), I would like to repeat a quote of mine: “Not everyone is born with silver spoon in their mouth, yet everyone is born with the power to dream.”.

My dad came from nothing and had nothing in his younger years but his dream of a better life and desire to give his family a better life. A dream has the potential to move you from a place of obscurity to a place of prominence. A dream stops you from settling for anything. It gives you direction and helps you focus. You can dream and it’s never too late to begin.

START SMALL BUT DON’T REMAIN SMALL. The willingness and ability to start small is so vital in accomplishing things of significance. Every great journey begins with a step.

Zechariah 4:10a NLT

“Do not despise these small beginnings…”

While it is important to be okay with starting small, staying small should not become the norm. Learn to grow your project, learn to grow your small. Growth requires process and time. Be willing to put in the work required to see growth. Learn to break down your vision (dream) into small manageable chunks to avoid getting overwhelmed and tackle them one small chunk at a time. PROGRESSION should be a constant that we seek out in our lives.

BE WILLING TO LISTEN AND LEARN. Growing up, there was a proverb that I would hear a lot which when translated says: “What a child sees from the roof top, an elder sees sitting on the porch”. Experience is a teacher, and a lot of older people are experienced (with exceptions of course). So much error could be avoided by listening to wise counsel and learning from people who have been before you; people who have walked the path you are intending to walk.

Wisdom can come from your father and/or mother but not necessarily be in the biological sense. They could be people you have adopted into certain roles to play a significant role in your life and growth process. They could be mentors. Their words, their work, their books, their teachings could bring great insights and lead to success. Afterall, no man is an island.



  1. Thanks kay for this great blog. Well written and the truth is this generation need to read this beautifully scripted piece for the words of most elders are words of wisdom indeed. Thanks sis keep it up. Blessings.

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  2. Thank you Kay for this great blog, it has reminded me much of my own upbringing with my grandparents, and have learnt much from their experience and also my aunties who I lived with and went to school with. Experience indeed can be a good teacher, and your blogging is going from strength to strength, so keep up the good work.

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